10 Ways to Get to Thank You Page Perfection

Sep 23, 2021 | by Scott

Thank you pages are one of the most overlooked opportunities on any website.

Put yourself in the mind of a visitor the moment after they have made the decision to trust you. Whether they’ve given you their email address or money, you want them to know that you have their back.

A great Thank You page will reduce anxiety, limit refunds and unsubscribes, and reinforce your relationship.

Thank You pages are also a chance to build trust and show your new subscriber or customer that they have made a great decision.

We all know it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to get a new one. And your Thank You page is a key step to keeping them around.

You had me at “Thanks for signing up.” … said no one ever

If saying “thanks” is as far as you go, read on and we’ll uncover several ways you can make sure your new subscribers know you appreciate them while helping to build your business.

You don’t need to include all the things below on your Thank You page. I’m partial to keeping things simple but all of these are elements worth considering.

Delight and Surprise Your New Subscribers

First, consider how you can make them feel good and give them something (since they gave you something).

  1. Show a little gratitude. A couple of sentences welcoming them and letting them know you’re happy to have them there will suffice. You don’t have to gush, but show some enthusiasm.
  2. Remind them to confirm their email address. You definitely want to do this every time. A certain percentage of people won’t do this but you’ll increase the number that confirm if you encourage them to do so.
  3. Remind them of what they get besides your email. Let them know they now have an account on your site (if that’s the case), how to login, etc. Are there other benefits they get? List them out and if appropriate, link to them.
  4. Give them something unexpected and of value. Everyone loves a welcome surprise. Do you have something else you can give them that they didn’t even know what was coming? It could be exclusive content, a report, access to something else that wasn’t mentioned before. The point is to overdeliver.
  5. Recommend extra content or resources. Do you have other resources (articles, reviews, etc…) on your site that are of particular interest or is some of your best stuff? Encourage them to check it out and link to it.

Take the Relationship Further

  1. Invite people to connect with you on social media. Drop links to the social networks you’re active on and encourage people to connect.
  2. Ask for Referrals. The simplest ask is for them to share your site with someone else they think will benefit.
  3. Run a survey. This is a great opportunity to grab a little more information on what your audience wants or needs. I like to use a simple one question survey so it’s fast and easy for them to take part.
  4. Cross-sell. Do you have other related content, products, or courses that would be of value to them. The Thank You page is a great place to mention it. This is already a warmer buyer than someone landing cold on your website.

Reinforce Their Good Decision:

  1. Include Testimonials/Social Proof. It’s not required but it is strong reinforcement if you have testimonials to logos from companies you work with. Embedding tweets of yours that have a lot of engagement us also good.
  2. Make a promise (as long as you can keep it). Is there something you need to respond to when someone signs up? Are you sending them something extra? If so, let them know, but make sure that if you make a promise you keep it. If it’s sending them something extra “in the next 24 hours” automate it so you don’t forget.

Don’t treat your Thank You page as an afterthought. Set it up right and a little extra work will pay dividends as your subscribers grow.

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