8 Resources For Building Your 1-Person $1M Business

Jan 20, 2022 | by Scott

Even if you’re building a 1-person $1 million business, you won’t do it alone. You may be the only employee but you’re still likely to use contractors or other part time help.

Non-employee resources are also critical. Good books, a community of people to provide feedback, newsletters to introduce you to fresh ideas, and in-person events all play a part.

Below are eight resources that have become instrumental in my own journey so I want to share them with you. Yes, affiliate links are used as applicable, but I’m not including anything I don’t currently use, pay for, and find immense value in.

1. Unemployable (Website, Community): Unemployable is run by Brian Clark and Jerod Morris. They’ve built a thriving community that is one of the strongest I’ve ever been a part of. Community members genuinely help each other out through formal and informal opportunities inside the community.

Unemployable makes the business of building a business a lot less lonely.

2. The Million Dollar, One-Person Business (Book): Author Elaine Pofeldt put the idea of the 1-Person $1 Million business on the map. The recently revised edition ads some current updates and context. The thing I loved most about this book are the quantity and variety of examples of 1-Person $1 Million business. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.

3. 12 Months to $1 Million (Book): Ryan Daniel Moran’s book does a great job of laying out, and reinforcing, a simple framework for getting to $1 Million in 12 months. It might sound like a bold claim but once you see the framework and how it’s been applied it’s quite simple (but not necessarily easy). This book is particularly good if you’re early in the journey.

4. Company of One (Book): Full transparency: I just started this book. But my wife raved about it and as I’m digging in I can see why it resonated with her. If your goal is to make $1 million or more but you want to keep your business small this book will be your guide.

5. Future Freedom (Website, Newsletter): If you’re starting a 1-Person business there’s a good chance part of your motivation for doing so is freedom. Freedom to travel, work the hours you want, spend more time with family, or any number of other personal reasons.

Future Freedom is another great resource from Brian Clark that explores building a business to give you that freedom and how to live the life you want along with it.

Interested in living in another country? Brian breaks down of some of the best options around the world and how to navigate the challenges of becoming an expat.

He also explores some of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs by looking at current and converging trends.

If the idea of being a sovereign individual or business appeals to you, check out Future Freedom.

6. Twitter (accounts to follow):

  • Brian Clark: Unemployable and Future Freedom founder, co-founder of CEX (see below). Brian is forging a path in the 1-Person $1M space on several fronts, including Web3, and taking us along with him.
  • Elaine Pofeldt: Author of The Million Dollar, One Person Business.
  • Ryan Daniel Moran: Author of 12 Months to One Million.
  • Codie Sanchez: If you like the idea of buying businesses instead of starting them look no further for guidance and education than Codie. Buying a business can be a VERY smart way to go and may be much easier than you think. She’ll also show you how to be an owner rather than an operator.
  • Nathan Barry: Founder of ConvertKit. Nathan posts all kinds of good entrepreneurial content on Twitter. He’s also very transparent about his business providing valuable insights into the reality of building a multi-million dollar business.
  • Amanda Natavidad: VP Marketing for SparkToro. Not exactly in the 1-Person $1M space but her marketing ideas are just on fire.

7. Trends (Website, Community, Newsletter): Trends is a content site that provides research and articles on market and niche trends, case studies, and more. It’s a subscription site but packed with good info and well worth the price of admission, though you can get on the newsletter for free.

8. CEX: Creator Economy Expo (Live Event): Founded by Brian Clark and Joe Pulizzi, CEX is happening this May in Phoenix. The speaker lineup is still shaping up but looking fantastic.

I’ve been to a couple of events Brian has put on before and every one has been a 1st class experience that over delivered. So even though this one hasn’t happened yet, this is likely to be the biggest “don’t miss” events of 2022.

Do you have any resources that should be included on this list? Feel free to hit reply and let me know.

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